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Treatment Options

Joint adjustment techniques:

Diversified: The Dr. uses his hands to adjust a joint to treat joint dysfunction by unsticking the joint which is moving improperly and improve its range of motion.


Flexion distraction: using a specialized table the Dr. can decompress herniated disks and help mobilize the back and improve spinal stenosis.


Sacral occipital technique: use of wedge like blocks to gently adjust the hips using gravity to improve hip and sacroiliac dysfunction. 


Mobilization: inducing movement in the joint without a high velocity low amplitude thrust to improve range of motion.


Activator: A mechanical adjusting device known for its safety and efficacy allowing improvement in range of motion and treating joint dysfunction for people of all ages. This includes those with osteoporosis, children, those who have had surgery, and post stroke patients. 

Soft tissue work

Myofascial release: Use of the Dr.'s hands to release hypertonic (overly tight muscles) and release trigger points.


Instrument Assisted Soft tissue Mobilization (similar to graston) this techniques uses stainless steel soft tissue tools to break up scar tissue and adhesions, great for treating numbness and tingling in the upper extremity, carpal tunnel syndrome, thoracic outlet syndrome, and plantar fasciitis.



Compression Release The Dr. Uses deep pressure over a tripper point or hypertonic muscle to relieve pain and get it to release. 


Pin and Stretch Active release (also known as ART) This technique uses the patients active movemement throughout a range of motion of a joint to release a muscle that is pinned down by the DR. to allow for greater function and range of motion. Most commonly is used through the neck and shoulder musculature and is a favorite among baseball and softball pitchers and any athletes where their sport emphasises use of the rotator cuff muscles. 

Electric Stimulation

We offer a variety of electric stimultion including






These can be used for pain relief, stopping muscle spasm, and improved muscle growth when paired with rehab techniques.


Schwartz Chiropractic LLC is also partnered with companies that supply TENS units and pads to patients free of charge. To take advantage of this you need to qualify in terms of medical need for a TENS unit and your insurance needs to support it which we can verify for you here.

Rehabilitation Exercises

We offer a variety of stretching and strengthening exercises to help rehabilitate injuries through the acute and chronic stages of injury to help relief last and to lower the risk of reinjury. We also offer exercises to the athletic population to help them reach their maximum potential. Exercises are shown in the office under the supervision of Dr. Schwartz to ensure proper technique.

Therapeutic Ultrasound

Terapeutic ultrasound is used to reduce swelling in an area, tissue relaxation, increase local blood flow, reduce local and chronic inflammation, accelerate scar tissue breakdown, and according to recent  studies it has also been shown to promote bone fracture healing. 


We offer the popular topical painkiller Biofreeze in its tube, roll on and 360 spray forms as well as have it as an option with soft tissue work.

Moist Heat

A moist hot pack is applies to the area 15-20 minutes to Improve circulation, reduce chronic inflammation speed up tissue healing and relax muscles. 


In the office we also offer custom made moist hot packs of different sizes and patterns for use at home.

Nutritional  Advice and Supplements

Nutritional advice and dietary recommendations are based on your individual conditions.

We also  offer a variety of nutritional supplements from Standard Process. Some of the most common ones used include the following


Ligaplex: for improving speed of recovery in ligament injuries 


Calcium Lactate: To help with Osteoporosis when paired with weight bearing exercises


Echinacea: for improved immune system function


Cataplex G: for better sleep by strengthening the parasympathetic nervous system 


Glucosamine Synergy: good for lubrication fo the joints to supplement treatment of joint pain.


Drenamin: Supports adrenals and is helpful in treating fatigue.


Stinging Nettle Root: helpful in allowing the body to retain and utilize more testosterone that it naturally makes by not allowing estrogen to bind to the tissue sites estrogen and testosterone compete for. Therefore it helps in muscle retention and fat loss due to an increase in the amount of testosterone being utilized by the body.


And Much More!


We are able to write scripts for radiology imaging (X-ray, MRI) as well as a variety of standard blood work to local radiology units and labs. We support our local radiology units and labs in the area so test results and reports can be scheduled and obtained efficiently to get a thorough and complete picture of the patient's health for the most accurate diagnosis and treatment plans.

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